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I can create professional videos to promote your business in social media, edit birthday gift montages, do a coverage of your event or be a part of your film crew - whatever you need!

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Hi, I'm Alek.
I'm a Digital Media student at University of Leeds with a long standing passion for videography. I have worked on productions ranging from sport edits to short drama forms, some getting recognized during film festivals. I'm fascinated by the way videos can at the same time deeply move audiences and promote ideas or products.

At your service


Based on what you want to achieve with your video, I will come up with a concept for the story, script and/or storyboard


I will take care of pre-production, schedule-planning and getting the equipment and crew ready for the shoot


I will be responsible for the video shoot - alone or with more videographers - optionally also for audio production and lighting.


I will edit your film, add effects and titles, take care of audio mixing. On request I can create multiple versions of the final product.

Let's turn the idea into reality.